Forever changing indoor mobility

Opening endless opportunities to all

World’s first autonomous wheel.

The wheel. Great invention, right? Truly revolutionary. Fantastic for moving things around. Hasn’t changed much for quite a while, though. So honestly, isn’t there anything more to it?

That’s where started out. We wanted to reinvent the wheel, and we believe we have. The castor system lets you move everything you have used to move, only easier. And quite a lot of things you have never even thought of moving. Because what we really set in motion, were ideas. Ideas about flexible walls. About changing room structures. About relocating heavy equipment just by telling it where to go.

In short, ideas about moving the immovable.

The company is a Norwegian IoT company and H2020 SME Instrument Seal of Excellence holder that was established in Oslo 2013. The company is lead by CEO & Founder, Atle Timenes, a successful serial entrepreneur, and it's funded by Idékapital Fund 1 AS. All products are produced and assembled in Norway is supported by Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway.


Waldemar Thranes gate 84,
0175 Oslo, Norway